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  1. I think it's an NCStar weaver mount. I have to check when I get home.
  2. Yup. Image below when I had it as a 2ndary offset. I'm now using it exclusively as primary offset. I know. I'm weird but I'm a lefty so go figure... I think I'll play with 507c for now until something comes along.
  3. Taccom SIG MPX Recoil Cushion. Kinda short strokes the cycle giving a perceived 'quickness' to your shots. I like it and it's not expensive and easy to revert back to previous setup if you don't like it.
  4. You might still have not enough gas to cycle. TG is ok with straight barrel pistols but when you need gas, either you add more TG or find an alternative powder that can generate more gas. Last year, I chrono'ed 125.1 in a big match I shot with a 115 gr. bullet, no jams. I am using VV320 and might have move the powder measure to the low side. I stay on the 130ish PF just to be on the safe side. Hope this helps
  5. Try both, ask local shooters to try their PCCs. They both can be reliable and fun to shoot. Most of these qualities are shooter preference at the end of the day. In fairness, I've seen a fair share of AR9s that fail, too. Any platform will potentially have issue. The key is knowing what's worth changing (ammo, parts, accessories, etc.) and what not to touch. Some PCCs run out of the box, but most IPSC/USPSA shooters will tend to tweak their platform sooner than later. I started with JP (no complaints, excellent almost every aspect) and ended up with a Sig MPX G2. Several factors made me keep the Sig. I come from Open Div so I like pushing my equipment. Cleaning frequently is an ingrained routine. I like it clean. Cool factor, magazine is curved. I think mags with more than 15 round should have a curved configuration, just my opinion. Either way, get what fancy you most and make it work. Shooting season has started here in the south and it'll be over with before you know it. Cheers!
  6. MY experience is identical to yours. JP, then MPX. I tend to agree with your recommendation of going straight to MPX.
  7. 510 does weigh heavy (8.3 oz per website specs), especially if you are leaning towards lighter setup. 503 is at 4.3 oz. Some would argue weight distribution and balance is more important. Nonetheless, it's easier to tweak your setup when you have lesser weight to mess with. C-more is tried and tested, reliable and familiar. I would switch to a smaller dot (4-6 moa) if possible. One consideration is if you go to matches where you expect to shoot in a low sun angle, you are at risk of sun burst effect. Over the years, I had to deal with it with c-more (slideride, rts,rts3). I've also encountered it in 510c. The 503 doesn't seem to have this issue, probably because of the tube(?). For now 503 is the primary for me, my 510 is mounted in my backup. Just like everyone else, I will still be on the hunt for the 'optimum' optic. Hope this helps..
  8. Lefty setup on my MPX. HS 503 primary with HS - 507 offset(left). I haven't shot it yet but I like the 507 35moa circle already compared to the 65 in moa in 503. I also like the 510 but 503 seems to meet my needs. Hoping to get results from 507 in coming weeks, weather permitting... 507 503
  9. I would recommend Holosun 503C for USPSA-type use. It's a red dot in a small tube. Very light and battery lasts 30K hours and up. Affordable too. Especially useful when shooting against direct sunlight, no sun burst.
  10. I try to clean mine after each match. Old habit from open gun days. tappet and gas plug goes to ultrasonic cleaner, comes out nice and shiny. I have Gen 2, approximately 4k -5k rounds. Internals are all originals, I had 1 jam early on when i just got it, not sure what caused it. My guess was when i was tweaking my load...Never had one ever since. Like Phil said, zero holds even when you clean tappet/plug.
  11. My load is 115 FMJ Precision Delta, with 4.3 gr of VV N320. OAL is 1.13". My MPX is a gen 2, 16" carbine. I have pushed it to around 1K without cleaning the valve. I however, I cleaned and oiled the bolt midway. I currently clean the valve/tappet around 500, give or take. No issues so far. Best of luck
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