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  1. edwin garcia

    Sig MPX optic

    I would recommend Holosun 503C for USPSA-type use. It's a red dot in a small tube. Very light and battery lasts 30K hours and up. Affordable too. Especially useful when shooting against direct sunlight, no sun burst.
  2. edwin garcia

    MPX Maintenance Schedule

    I'm using Lyman turbo sonic
  3. edwin garcia

    MPX Maintenance Schedule

    I try to clean mine after each match. Old habit from open gun days. tappet and gas plug goes to ultrasonic cleaner, comes out nice and shiny. I have Gen 2, approximately 4k -5k rounds. Internals are all originals, I had 1 jam early on when i just got it, not sure what caused it. My guess was when i was tweaking my load...Never had one ever since. Like Phil said, zero holds even when you clean tappet/plug.
  4. edwin garcia

    MPX Ammunition OAL Feedback

    1.13" 115 gr. Precision Delta JHP
  5. My load is 115 FMJ Precision Delta, with 4.3 gr of VV N320. OAL is 1.13". My MPX is a gen 2, 16" carbine. I have pushed it to around 1K without cleaning the valve. I however, I cleaned and oiled the bolt midway. I currently clean the valve/tappet around 500, give or take. No issues so far. Best of luck
  6. edwin garcia

    My MPX build.

    Love the Isler HG. The diameter is perfect for my hands. The weight difference from the stock HG may not be a big difference but the overall feel and balance seem to make my gun handling in USPSA matches more manageable. YMMV. Downside is it is quite an investment. But it has the "WOW" factor. If you have the additional budget, I highly recommend it.
  7. edwin garcia

    My MPX build.

    Nice, what load are you using?
  8. edwin garcia

    Best mounting position red dot

    I prefer closer to charging handle. I tried moving it forward but my eyes prefer the blur it sees when the optics is back. My advice is to move it around til you get the best spot.
  9. edwin garcia

    Sig MPX/Hyperfire 24c issue

    Youtube MPX Gas Valve Used this as a guide. Mine was a little tight on first disassembly. I fist disassembled and cleaned mine after approx. 300 rds and it was somewhat tight. I cleaned it again after approx. 500 rds and it was no where hard compared to initial disassembly. I'm trying to push it to a thousand round or so as one of our local shooters seem to think it can push to that schedule. Best of luck.
  10. edwin garcia

    How common are broken AR9mm firing pins

    Jp gmr-15, broke at around 2000. Stock jp competition trigger factory installed. Replaced with a new one but haven't shot it that much yet.
  11. 4.1 gr N320 for 124mgb, oal=1. 13". jp gmr-15, 14.5". Ave. PF =137.6 Checked multiple times, multiple chrono and have consistent results. I might have a bad batch/lot of N320... Best chrono your loads as I have seen similar deviations with n3n38/n105 in the past. Best of luck
  12. edwin garcia

    TACCOM MPX Bumper

    Looks like it's sold-out. Anyone know when it's going to be back in the inventory?
  13. edwin garcia

    major power factor

    VV 3N38, N105, Maybe N350? Like most said here, it's not a common bullet weight for open but I have heard/seen people use it in Open. 38 super or 9? major/minor? I would keep an eye on excessive pressure signs just to be safe. Best of luck
  14. edwin garcia

    What got you into Open?

    This guy...
  15. edwin garcia

    "Graduating" to an open gun?

    Before I start, I advice you to see an optometrist with some experience with shooting sports. Reason being is some of the top shooters in these sports are X-eye dominant and they dominate the sport in one form or the other by adapting to their 'situation'. Anything that can be corrected vision-wise can help with your visual longevity and contribute to your performance. 1) I started irons (Limited/Standard div.) for close to 2 years before building and shooting an open gun. 2) There are benefits to irons, particularly in visual patience (sight picture) and follow through. I find it easier to align dot -> target vs. front/rear sight -> target. Of course, fundamentals of shooting like stance,grip, trigger control, etc., are as important as well and can affect visual input. 3) Mine has been frame-mounted. Most if not all open guns I've seen and used have this for reliability. Slide mounted optics take harder beating and can have issues along the way, especially with major PF. 4) Open guns are loaded with higher pressure, hence tend to be have perceived recoil than non-comped guns. For major PF, you are looking at 1300-1400ish fps. If you are using minor PF, it may not end as harsh. There are ways to mitigate perceived recoil, i.e., compensator selection, ammo selection, spring tweaks, etc. A good shooting fundamentals can also help(stance,grip,etc.). I'm small to so I have to find and tweak my grip setup. Open is fun and have shot it for most of my USPSA/IPSC experience. Don't be afraid to try as most of us here that have gone to the dark side and loved it. Best of luck!