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Ft Sill 2018 Multigun

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I am also trying to get information about this match.  If you go to the 2018 Big Match calendar thread you can click on the Fort Sill Match.  It takes you to Facebook which I don't do.  I guess I will have to use my wife's account! 

I am not affiliated with this match but I have some information for you.  You can register sometime in April not sure of the exact day.  That is what I am trying to find out as well.  It is a two day match with 8 stages on September 15 - 16 at Fort Sill in Oklahoma.  The 2017 match was a one day 6 stage match that people talked very highly about.  I am very interested in going to this match so I hope they put out some more information.  Good luck.     

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So... the MWR website says: "Registration opens 7 April 2018 at 8:00 am Central Time."


That was half an hour ago, and still nothing on the website or in practiscore. Looks like the Facebook page they used for last year's match has been deleted also. Anyone know of any super-secret source of registration info?

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