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Stock 2 for CO


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Has anyone thought of a stock 2 for carry optics?

It seems too heavy to me.


I did change the grips to Henning aluminum grips  without changing optic it is just over 45.36 oz

Take the rear sight off and add optic is plus a couple of oz.  Base pads back to original and I think I am chasing 3 or 4 ounces still


Are there any thin grips that weigh less?  like a g10 grip


I am coming up about 4 oz too heavy.  Has anyone come up with a way to get it down a little.  Lim Pro will save 4 oz on stock and that might make it easier to make weight.  But I am looking for ideas you all may have


weight of eg grip = ?

That scale grip = ?

I will weigh the henning grip and the original grip tonight to see where we are with those




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Search function broke... so sad!



(Joke...sort of)



My 9mm s2 with precision machine dovetail, vortex viper,  sanded wood grips w skate tape, taylor freelance mag extensions and grams follower w 11 coil spring (mags hold 23).


 fyi, My sights were within 0.3oz of the dovetail mount and optic.



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