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Cmmg extractor

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I have had to tune the extractor on my colt.  I had instances of the extractor hook not engaging the cartridge rim upon feeding resulting in a failure to fire and then a failure to extract and a double feed upon working the bolt.  I polished the extractor and dropped some tension and it ran great for the next 500 rounds, until the 4th stage of this past weekends IDPA where it happened again.  I'll check it out again and maybe drop a bit more tension.  If it happens again, I'll probably just pick up a jp.


If anybody had any advice, I'd love to hear it.    

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To follow up, I pulled the bolt today and the extractor tension feels very very high.  I'm going to drop more tension and do a test session.  I'd still love to hear from others. 


About all I can find on line is some folks complaining about their PSA's breaking extractors and one guy on youtube with a PSA who has what appear to be a similar problem to what I have experienced although his problem manifests much more frequently than mine and he does no diagnosis.

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Hello: Check the chamber with a empty case. I have seen a barrel that was reamed way too deep. It looked like it was for a 38 super not a 9mm. I have not had a tension problems with 6 different bolts so far. They are JP, KVP, Matrix and a no name one. Thanks, Eric

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Loaded rounds plunk test fine and empty cases are in the same position as loaded rounds.  I took some tension out of the extractor and will take it to the range for some testing this weekend.  But we know issues manifest on the clock. 


I like this gun but I need to get it to the point where it runs reliably.

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