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  1. I've got both a 75 shadow and an sp01 shadow, among many other CZs. The difference in weight, feel and balance comes down personal preference. My son likes the 75. I prefer the sp 01. Oftentimes, I shoot the sp with a ts slide as I like even more weight and the longer sight radius.
  2. twowheels

    My P10C mods

    I've got a p 01 omega with cgw stuff and its a great compact.
  3. twowheels

    My P10C mods

    Mine had all the CGW bits and I've done a bit of polishing. With the cgw guide rod and 13 lb recoil spring, it doubles. With the stock recoil spring assembly, it doesn't. Go figure. I like the gun quite a bit and prefer it to the sp 07 I had and gave to my son. But, I have to admit, I like my M&P 2.0 full size 4.25" barrel more. The smith fits my hand better, shoots softer, and has a better stock trigger. I shoot it better. I'm looking forward to installing an apex kit. Also, it reportedly fits in the IDPA box with slim base pads. However, the steel CZs kick both of their asses IMO. There is something about a nicely tuned steel CZ, and I've got a bunch of them.
  4. I've got both. They are very similar in feel. How they feel depends quite a bit on the fitting. The CGW has only a single wing and seems to be a higher quality part with a better smoother finish. But they feel the same because you will polish both parts during fitting. You can get an oversized CGW part that you can fit to have an extremely short reset. But, my one CZC installed disconnector feels as short as the CGW ones I've fit. I think it really depends on tolerances. FWIW, I typically buy and use CGW ones. While I'm fitting short reset disconnectors, I typically throw in a CGW adjustable sear. I need to install a disconnector and sear on the CZC customized 75 stainless I bought a few years back that my girlfriend shoots, into which CZC didn't install a disconnector.
  5. Good choice. You'll love it. Some action smoothing, a short reset disconnector, and grips and sights you like and you'll be ready to go.
  6. Haven't tried but my caliper measurements say no without some serious grinding.
  7. My matte stainless has the upswept beavertail. I've got both a 75 and an sp 01 shadow. I love them both but the heavier frame usually wins out. I just seem to shoot it a bit better for some reason.
  8. twowheels

    Best TSO trigger?

    You need to decide for yourself. Personally, I use the CZ alum with the same shape as the stock plastic and I also have a comp hammer, which eliminated the tiny bit of creep that existed on the stock gun.
  9. twowheels


    I have a CGW 97 BE. Great gun, great trigger, very accurate and less snappy than my 1911s, which I don't find snappy at all.
  10. I bought a bunch of them as spares when I "misplaced" one for a couple hours and then found it. I've never needed them. If I ever do, I probably won't be able to find them.
  11. I use blue Loctite when reinstalling the screw. I use the kneelingatlas technique for removal except that the screwdriver I use has a square shaft so I turn the screw with a crescent wrench.
  12. I also had a 9mm TS upper modded to fit on the shadow frames. I usually put it on the sp 01 frame. I put light wood grips on it to make IDPA weight although I prefer the feel of stock rubber grips.
  13. Pretty much the same. I've got both. I usually grab the sp 01. I prefer slightly more weight.
  14. I left it in. I polished it and put in the cgw reduced power spring. It has a slightly longer reset than the shadows but its a pretty slight difference.
  15. While you're on the CGW site, you could also get a comp hammer, an adjustable sear, a short reset disconnector, some new sights. Might as well go all the way. My tuned sp 01 is pretty darn close to my tuned shadows. It's only money and time. Tuning CZs is a great was to spend some time tinkering and what comes out the far end is a joy to shoot.
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