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NRA World Shooting Championship - Sept. 15-17, 2016 - Glengary, W.V.

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The NRA World Shooting Championship is scheduled for Sept. 15-17, 2016 at Peacemaker National Training Center in Glengary, W.V. The event features the world’s top shooters competing in 12 stages, including the NRA Precision and Precision Falling Plates stages, as well as a USPSA round, testing the skills of the best semi-auto 9mm and .45 ACP pistol shooters in a variety of challenges. Three divisions allow amateurs, experienced shooters and sponsored professionals alike to register for a chance at the $25,000 top prize and title of undisputed World Shooting Champion! Firearms and ammo will be provided, and sponsored shooters in the Open Pro division can bring their own gear.

Register or learn more at https://wsc.nra.org.


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I can only judge this by last years match,

Pros got the cash and pick from pro prize tables. Amateurs got to pick from amatuer prize table. Now bring your own guns class? Are they also wining cash, prizes? Not in line with the original match at all. I'm still going but this might be my last time. Also i thought everyone was scored the same? When i compared the pro numbers with the amatuers an amatuer had the highest score overall and got 1st pick on the prize table but after the highest pro got the $25k.

This year also has a mulligan card? Everything was clear as mud last year also.  Maybe i need to change to Pro and go for that big check? I was 5th amateur btw. :-)


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