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  1. Following, just curious if this will get enough attention on this forum since I come here for other shooting sports. Shot my first PRS last year with an AR308 we built in our shop for a customer that is still saving money for a good scope. I asked him if I could put my Nightforce ATACR on it to see how its shoots and he was all for it. My nephew made some match ammo, we got it sighted in, doped and a free ballistics app on my phone. Came in 47th place out of 110 shooters, took 3rd place on one stage and only saw two of us "Gas Guns" competiting. Witnessed several bolt guns running out of par time, several bolt guns malfunctioning, struggling with cocking or (Savage's not staying cocked?) etc. I hit everything out to the farthest target 745 yards. I had trouble because I didnt have enough bags for support, didnt have experience on how to shoot off of some of the platforms or a pair of binoculars to help find targets! We now have two clubs running a series of matches, my own AR308 and cant wait to go back! Not scared of any bolt guns either, ours 3rd from the bottom
  2. Details on bringing the firearms and ammo into the country. I have only flown on domestic flights with firearms
  3. Trying to plan an extended vacation that would involve shooting a couple of big matches in Thailand, travelling from the USA. Any experienced help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Ok good start, what about actual pistol sizes, weights, fits in a box? do they still have classic division? Next biggest question would be bringing firearms to Thailand and if shipping them in or shipping in ammo, etc. Any info about Thailand would be helpful, thanks
  5. I'm considering shooting an overseas IPSC match sometime in the future, perhaps a World shoot or some type of championship high level big match. I shoot mostly Single Stack (classic?) Just looking for info on rules, my USPSA classification, registration being open or a spot needed, etc. Some advice besides reading thru the rule book to get started. Most importantly the pistol rules difference would be a great start Thanks
  6. Registered but just couldn't get there this year. ii looks like it went well and just brings a smile to my face thinking about it. Hopefully next year!
  7. I hope they answer my emailed questions soon, would like to get planning this trip! Yes 1989 was a good year for me!
  8. I can only judge this by last years match, Pros got the cash and pick from pro prize tables. Amateurs got to pick from amatuer prize table. Now bring your own guns class? Are they also wining cash, prizes? Not in line with the original match at all. I'm still going but this might be my last time. Also i thought everyone was scored the same? When i compared the pro numbers with the amatuers an amatuer had the highest score overall and got 1st pick on the prize table but after the highest pro got the $25k. This year also has a mulligan card? Everything was clear as mud last year also. Maybe i need to change to Pro and go for that big check? I was 5th amateur btw. :-)
  9. Thanks, why could i not find it before??? IF y'all see a green jeep with Man Cave Machine on it say hi
  10. No other info was given, no stage descriptions, manufactures firearms, saw my check was cashed but had to call just to make sure they had me registered! See you there!
  11. Is there any competitive shooters running RIA pistols? Or should i say do they have pros running their guns? Thanks
  12. We are in! My son (teammate) will be spending the preceding weeks at Boy Scout summer camp (exhaustion) and then Camp Perry being taught by the best rifle team coaches in the country how to breath and hold still for NRA smallbore cometitions. Then he's coming with me to shoot while doing everything except being still! LOL
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