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38 special loads using 160 gr bullets


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Almost any shotgun/pistol powder will do the trick. 158grain bullets are standard fare for 38 specials. Thumb through a loading manual under the 38 special section and you should find a bunch of options.

What powders do you have on hand? Or, what powders can you get easily?

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The difference between 158 & 160s is not really an issue. Load data for 158s will be an easy place to start. I've seen load data for some powders for +P 38 spl. Also, you can look at the data for 357 mag. That's +P, for sure.

IDPA droped their PF for Revo to 105 so standard off the shelf 38 would make it. No reloading required. I know you're planning USPSA shooting.

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