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Hornady bullet feed die

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If you use the Dillon expander, you may have problems with the bullet not sitting straight up.

I've switched all my expander's to the Mr. Bullet feeder expander. It is developed specifically for the 650 (and 550) to allow the case to hold the bullet upright while seating.

I would have done this without a case feeder, simply becasue I was having difficullty with some round nose 9MM that did not match the profile of the Dillon seating stem.

Some would dimple due to the force required to seat. If slightly canted, it would insert the bullet at an angle and put a slight bulge in the case. This was using Xtreme 124 GR RN.

When I switched to the MBF powder funnels, all these problems went away.

I would recommend the MBF powder funnel, even without a bullet feeder.


I Use Hornady bullet feeder dies on my 650 with a DYI bullet feeder.

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I just got the Hornady bullet feeder in 40 S&W from son for Christmas It works great on my XL650 I used the Dillon powder tube expander took few minutes to adjust but no issue at all I already loded more than 300 rounds with it.

Also I been using the 9mm Hornady bullet feeder for awhile with no issue.

You might want to fine tune the powder die to get the flare you need for the bullet. I use PD 180 gr bullets no issue at all.

It is great tool.

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One more thing I forgot to mention if you have acces to a lathe.

long time ago there was information on google on how to machine the the hornady bullet feeder flaring poweder tube the one it comes with the bullet feeder die to fit in the Dillon powder die if I recall they have picture of them together

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