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Glock 34 Failure to Manually Extract


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I recently purchased a Dillon 550b press and began reloading 9mm (5.3 gr WSF, CCI small pistol primer, Bayou Bullets 115 gr, mixed brass). My Gen 4 Glock 34 will not easily manually extract the cartridge. I first noticed this when having a failure to fire and did the tap rack assess...it would not rack. I have to pull really hard on the slide for it to extract the reloaded cartridge. It does not have any issues manually extracting factory ammunition. My Glock 34 has a steel guide rod and 13 lb recoil spring, with the Taran Tactical spring kit. My Gen 3 Glock 19, which has stock parts, has no issues manually extracting the reloaded cartridge.

I did notice there is a slash/gouge in the bullet after manually extracting the cartridge. This occurs with both the G19 and G34, although it is deeper with the G34. It probably shows up because it is a coated bullet. Not sure if this has anything to do with the problem or not.

The extractor on the G34 does not appear to be broken. In fact, I put the G19 extractor into the G34 and it still had the same problem.

Any ideas as to what could be the issue? I think my lightened striker spring may not be a good combo with the CCI primers, so if/when I get a light strike after 20 or so rounds it sure is a pain to have to stop shooting and pull super hard on the slide to get the cartridge to eject. 2 of the times the casing actually separated from the bullet I had to pull so hard...

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I was unaware of the plunk test. Thank you for the link. The rounds fail the plunk test in the G34 barrel and pass in the G19 barrel, so I will shoot the couple hundred I already loaded through the G19. I will decrease the OAL .010 and see if those pass the test.

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