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Min OAL for 147's


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Take the barrel out of your gun, and DROP a cartridge

into the chamber.

It should "PLUNK" as it goes in, to indicate that it has

hit bottom and is fully in the chamber.

If you can turn it freely and it easily drops out of the

chamber when you invert the barrel, you're probably

good to go, if the rounds fit thru your mag. :cheers:

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If you're worried about pressure you can measure the length of the Xtreme bullet you are using (get an average from a good sample). Compare that to the length of the bullet described in the manual.

At the same C.O.A.L, if your bullet is longer then you have less internal volume for any given powder charge than the reference bullet and will have higher (perhaps dangerously higher) pressure. If your bullet is shorter than the reference bullet you will have more internal volume and less pressure. If your bullet is 0.005" shorter than the reference bullet, you can be 0.005" shorter in C.O.A.L. and still have the same volume internally for the same powder charge and the same pressure. If your bullet is 0.005" longer, than your round needs to be that much longer than the reference round to have the same internal volume for the powder charge.

IMPORTANT CAVEAT: The above assumes that both bullets have smooth flat bases. If the bullet bases are different (I've seen CMJ, FMJ with a cavity left in the base that the jacket and core did not fill in, concave, convex and beveled base), than all bets are off and no conclusions should be drawn.

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My SP01 plunks at 1.20"

I don't own a SP01, but I doubt you could load

that long for it ... And feed thru your mags.

At very least, I'd suggest you go back and re-measure


You're correct that backing off it a bit is a good idea.

Good luck with it. :cheers:

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