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Dillon SDB broken decapping pin

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Only 6 months old SDB 9mm. Today the decapping pin got broken on a Winchester white box once-fired brass. Not sure why. The pin broke in half, with the broken part stuck in the primer pocket.

Question is - where to do I buy a replacement? I have some pins from my Lee decapping die but does not seem they will fit. My Lee decapping pin has not broken even once through thousands of cases, even though I did buy extra just in case. Too bad SDB did no come with an extra decapping pin.

The other trouble is that the resizing die on SDB is probably loctited. I nearly broke the wrench and still it won't budge. I guess I will have to use some lubricant plus hair dryer see if I can move it.

This sucks as there won't be any shooting this week unless I can buy a new pin/die from a local store quickly ... :(

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Not in my box, but that could be my fault of not keeping these small things in their original place...

Called Dillon and the best bet is to visit a local dealer see if they have any spare pins. Also ordered a few from Dillon website. Looks like having some Dillon decapping pins around is pretty important for any Dillon user.

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For an emergency fix you can use a socket wrench to sit the shell in and manually punch the spent primer out i made a wooden jig to sit the socket in 10mm perfect for 9mm just to get you through so you can shoot while you wait.

Im in sydney with a few spare if that helps you

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Excellent idea! I actually have a single-stage with Lee decapping die. I think I will use that for now. I wasn't sure if the sizing die on SDB will function correctly without the decapping pin but seems the broken pin won't affect the sizing. Thanks for the input.

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