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Hello from Jamestown OH!


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Welcome to the forums. Not sure how far you are to Circleville but we have a 3gun match coming up in 2 weeks. Info can be found at pcsirange.com

I'd like to add to the information above. PCSI in Circleville is a very nice range with a very good schedule of American Steel, 3-Gun, Silhouette, IDPA, Cowboy Action, Bowling Pin and other activities. John Maple and the gang there run a very professional, safe, and very friendly range and last year we had at least 70 people at each Steel plate match. I'm always happy to hear about more people from Ohio in the sport and I hope you'll give this range a chance to impress you. My experiences there over the past 4 years or so have all been positive, with the competitors and the staff all being friendly and helpful. It's by far the best and most well-run range that I've ever seen. You can see the entire schedule at WWW.PCSIRange.com.

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