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5.56 Split Case


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At the range today shooting my JP15 off of the bench I had a case split. The load was in a once fired LC case which I processed from purchase as once fired from a very reliable source. It is from a large batch I purchased before the panic stated and is toward the end of the supply and is the first issue.

The load was a 77gr SMK in front of 24.3 grs of TAC. The split was length wise starting 0.2" from the case head and extended for 0.4”. I sectioned the case 0.4” from the case head to look to see if the case had a thin spot. Next to the crack the case is 0.025” thick and at 180 deg from the split it is 0.030” thick.

Should I chalk this up as single bad case or does anyone see an issue I am missing?



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