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Full length Guide rod for CZ75B modification Production legal?


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Hi all,

With the wealth of knowledge on this forum, I am sure someone can answer this question. I want to add a full length guide rod to my 75B which would require drilling the slide. My question is, Would this be production legal? This modification would be obvious externally with the drilled slide, but would be no different than SP-01s and Shadows that have the full length guide rod already. The rule book classifies guide rods as "internal" parts even tho they are externally visible. The main reason I am considering this is that reassembly with lighter recoil springs is a pain with the 2 inch stock guide rod and the spring is free to bang around inside the frame. It doesn't seem to affect function at all, but I have to think it can't be good for the spring or the parts it contacts. The full length rod would essentially trap the spring and limit the movement to front and back along the rod and the small side benefit of adding a touch of weight up front. Or am I just overthinking this? Thanks in advance for your responses.


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I think it would be an illegal external modification

I am looking at Appendix D4 21.5

"Guide rods are considered an “internal part” and

may be modified and/or replaced with OFM or

after-market guide rods even though part of the

guide rod is externally visible when the gun is in

battery. Note that the weight limits in D4-18

remain in force and relevant."

But then there is D4 21.2b

"Remains in effect – a slide may be modified

specifically for the purpose of installing

sights, and for no other purpose."

And to muddy the waters even farther D4 21.3

"You may replace the slide with an OFM or

aftermarket slide which is of the same length,

contour and caliber as the original slide for

that model of gun."

Which would mean I could replace the slide with a Shadow slide that was drilled for a guide rod, but not drill an existing slide for a guide rod!?! difference is just semantics

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