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Best Hi Capa


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Tokyo Marui 150%. I have burned these things in flames, I hate them all and their tiny ass parts. I got a limcat build, please ONLY use stock mags. Everything else is death. Those stupid barrel rubbers in the hopup are also consumable parts, they will wear after a few K rounds, so get 3. All in all, it is paying for itself, I am running steel challenge stages and legit micro USPSA (32 rounds)...


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I went with the WE HiCapa since it comes with the metal slide. If you get the TM version with the plastic slide, it will work with the 123A gas but may be a little light weight for the green gas (propane).

But then, you can purchase metal slides for the TM down the road if you tear up the plastic one.

FYI, I mounted a C-More to the WE's metal frame with an STI side mount and it has held up well for several years.

You mentioned that this is for indoor practice. If you do go with propane, make sure its in an extremely well ventilated area.


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Looks like one. Marking on the grips in the picture are the same as a TM that I looked at once. But this one says full metal. Ad may be incorrect or maybe they changed out the slide to make it last longer with propane.

Somewhere on my harddrive is a short tutorial on making an adapter to run automotive 123a gas in your gun. It makes it a little cheaper to shoot and a gas a lot more available. (Like Wally World available.)


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The picture of the one on ebay is identical to the TM sold by Evike.com. It advises about the plastic slide.


They also sell a WE CO2 magazine that will fit it but its probably a bad idea.


Also found one similar with same markings on grip but vendor indicates its a replica of TM Hicapa.

Maybe the ebay seller is a little confused on what they have to sell?

Maybe go with an established US retailer?


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