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First Stage Win


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Got my first stage win a couple weekends ago. Wasn't a big match, but cool nonetheless. 50 point speed shoot. Me and a Master-class Open shooter had the same fastest time (3.82), but I had 2 more points than him (he ended up 4th because of the points). Next closest guy was right there at 99.73% 1.14 draw for me. Oh, and they were Classic targets.

On the other 50 point speed shoot I pulled out third (I don't consider myself a speed shoot type of person), but was at 81.7% of the winner's score (being down 7 points is just stupid on a speed shoot).

Some other things. Figured out I can actually shoot a gun decently freestyle, strong hand, and weak hand. The way to move from decent to good is to work on the trigger pull... spend more time on the trigger while the sights are getting there. BIG thing, though, is movement. Gotta move my 320-lb ass more efficiently and quit wasting inertia. Thanks to Jesus, er, Mr. President, er, Mike V. for these revelations (as well as many others)... best 2 days and 1700 rounds I've spent on the range.

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