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Probally a hard question


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What is the "perfect" load for a .40 S + W round (including overall length) for a SVI 5"?

Perfect, meaning good accuracy and reasonable muzzle flip for that second shot.

I know this is going to be a dodgy question, but see if you can help out.


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Hi Yaarr,

For me, the OAL has more to do with the feeding reliability in 40 than the other factors you mentioned. So many more factors influencing accuracy & muzzle flip than the OAL like trigger control barrell fit just to name 2.

Load to what feeds 100% then adjust the powder & bullet ( weight & brand ) to achieve the ballance of recoil and flip.

Good luck

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Guest Larry Cazes

The perfect load doesn't exist! There is no free lunch. You will need to experiment to find what suits you and your gun.

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What Larry said.

Find a load that is accurate and feeds reliably (and makes the power factor you need/want). Then train with that load and get used to how it feels in your gun, with your grip, for you. Train with it, shoot matches with it, get used to it, don't fiddle with it until/unless you decide you just have to change it for some reason.

There are a lot of loads posted here in various threads. Try some of those and find one that meets the above criteria. I suggest you try Titegroup and 180gr bullets to start with. Titegroup is readily available and inexpensive and 180gr bullet weight is was the majority of .40 cal shooters are using right now.

My load in my pistol works very well for me. At a match a few years ago a shooter on my squad ran short of ammo due to poor planning and having to reshoot a stage. I offered some of my ammo and he finished the match with it. His comment was that he just couldn't understand how I liked that load. It wasn't what he was used to, in his gun. He then shot my load in my gun in a live fire bay and admitted it felt much better in my gun.

On Matt Burkett's site (and in his first set of videos) he discusses "timing drills". These are simple drills that help you adjust your grip to your gun and your loads and then get used to that setup. They are very much worth the time to run through. If I haven't shot for a few weeks I will start my practice session with a shortened version of these drills just to warm up and reaqaint me with my setup. Makes for a much better practice session afterward. :)

Hope that helps.

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You want to use 4.1 grains of Titegroup with a 180 Montana Gold bullet

loaded to 1.200 OAL with a WSR primer. You'll get your master card in no

time with that load.

BTW I'm just joking.

I like to use 165gr bullets in my SVI, but thats just me.

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Perfect load? No such thing. That's like asking, "what's the best color?" It's all subjective.

However, certain loads are more popular. 180's loaded to 1.200" with N320 or Titegroup is a good starting point.

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The "perfect" load for you may be different than anything else anyone else is using, For IPSC, the perfect load needs to be the one that allows you to get the most points per second..I have often found the load that does this is often not the softest, nor the most accurate...

the proof is in the pudding..the other day i was shooting the ever popular plate rack with both my 9mm glock 34 and a bone stock glock model 22 40 caliber..shooting minor powrr 9mm loads my times were around 2.6 seconds..with the factory glock 40, factory sights included(my 9mm has dawson sights on it) my times were roughly the same( best one was .05 seconds faster with the 40) that was shot with blazin hot CCI blazer 40 caliber 165 grain ammo.

my conclusion: muzzle flip and felt recoil are not nearly as important as folks make them out to be.

How much the muzzle comes up isnt as important as where it settles..

that being said i wouldnt hesitate to use any load that makes the power factor and will hold the A zone at 25 yards...

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