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It's been a pet peeve of mine for a while now, and another post in the USPSA section brought it to mind. At too many ranges running NRA Action Pistol, I hear ROs using USPSA and IDPA commands when they aren't correct for AP. All that our rules specify for verbal commands is "Ready" and "Standby". Not "Is the shooter ready" or just plain old "Shooter ready". The word "shooter" doesn't appear anywhere in the NRA AP Rules. We (they) are referred to as "competitors", not shooters.

Actually there is a lot missing from the rule book as far as preparatory commands go. At the Cup (Bianchi) the ROs will say "You may handle your firearms" before the beginning of an event. The next command given is "Ready" followed by "Standby", which is self explanatory. At local, State & Regional matches, I've heard all the above commands given with no consistency among any of the ROs. Once at a match in the deep South, the commands were reversed to "Standby" & "Ready" which were the old AP commands from the last century!

So if you have a crew running your matches, try to at least get them to be consistent in the commands and make the correct ones mandatory, please!


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the range commands are there, 10.7 in the rule book, (tried copy paste but wont work)

basically, "load and make ready" "ready" and "standby"

ipsc/uspsa should only differ with "are you ready" and idpa use "shooter ready" but people do tend to add there own commands regardless of match type.

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Load and make ready! is a command.

Ready? is a question.

Stand by! Is a warning that you had better be ready, because here we go.

The range commands vary at Bianchi, let alone at clubs. On the Barricade you must take a unloaded sight picture, why? At 25Yards staff go down range to change targets, then we get a sight picture, all the time we have a loaded gun.


Load and Make ready, which is exactly what it says. Taking a sight picture is part of make ready, who cares if it is loaded or not. Just make sure no one is down range (unless they have shot a car at the practice range and/or cheated). Does not matter what order you do it, as long as you are loaded and actually ready when the nice person with the timer asks.

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