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0.99 reload


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Well after reading spook's thread about his revolver reloads, I feel humbled. However for me this is still a nice accomplishment.

Last week while practicing reloads at 7 yards - 2, reload, 2 with my STI Limited gun, I hit quite a few 1.0x reloads and then finally a 0.99. I stopped on that one for the day.

I have also been practicing my splits and have gotten down to 0.12 so far. I shot quite a few 0.13's during the reload practice that day.

I'm taking ownership of the speed and making it part of my normal shooting.

I know I've read it a thousand times on the forums, but I'm finding it to be true again and again -> it's all about "the seeing", "the vision" or whatever you want to call it. Even on the 0.99 reload I glimpsed the sights for the shots, then the magwell, and then the sights again. I love it when a plan comes together!

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I am joining you in the under 1.00s reload club as of today.

I have been doing reload at high 1.0X since couple weeks ago.

Today, I was practicing in the rain for couple hours. At the very end of the section, I decide to make the 0.99s reload attemp again. I was very temping to have this skill ever since I start shooting.

Shoot one then reload one at 5 yards. I start out with 1.1X and eventually get down to 1.08, 1.09 and 1.03, my personal best ever. I thought that's pretty good with a bad weather enviroment. I was about to call for the day.

Some how my gut feeling tell me to do a couple more just to see if today is my day to break into the 1.00s barrier. I made two more 1.08 and 1.09. Then the magic number 0.98 show up on my timer.

I wasn't sure if that's right, then I tried to duplicate the result. I could not do it again. :(

There is something very intresting. ;) My fresh mag is catch the one trying to come out and pushing it right back into the gun. (My left hand is faster than a wet mag coming out of a dirty gun :P ) The weird thing is that I am pushing it right at the base pad. That means I am perfectly line up the fresh one before it even get near the mag well :D . It happen three times in a role too.

So I give up after that and I am extremely cold and wet at that time. I will diffinetly try this again next week end with clean gun and mags.

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Well done dudes it can only get better.

Yesterday after our annual club champs i had 100 rounds left so practice was in order.


Everything was wet from a thunderstorm,i am probably 15000 km from you guys and we too had rain and were doing the practice thing.

First reload 1.1 second .91 :D third .90 :D very happy.

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