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Seem's I wud Larn by now


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It seems you can teach an old dog new tricks. But he just can't remember the old ones well. I learned in the 70's that if you use flake powders in a Revo with less than A** stompin loads you are in trouble cause you will get flakes of unburnt powder under your star and thus making your reloads somewhat, how you say, sucky. Vit N320, a good powder, heavy bullets, real soft recoil. But I have some unburnt powder in the cylinders. I had the problem in Tulsa and carried it on to the Fort Smith Match the next weekend. Shot a good six shot array went for a reload to the next port. Not a bad load until I try to pull the trigger. It won't go, cylinder is locked up. Open cylinder dump rounds start blowing out the gunk as the RO has his morning coffee. Close it up and continue. I was the enterntainment for the squad that day. I guess I'll go back to my Solo 1000 until I find a better load and you can bet it "Probably" won't involve flake powders. This could be a hate rant but as long as it involves revos I can't actually hate it. :(:P

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Spook, If I may ask what is your overall length? I am runing about 1.265 with the 200 grn round nose lead with 5 grns of N320.

Underlug, Is it still pracasin ifin they are a laffin? :huh:

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Bubber, I used to load 1.245" (below OAL in the books). N320 and a copper plated RN from Frontier (230 grains).

Now I load longer (wasn't comfy with loading shorter than the book)and the unburnt powder is back. I'm switching back to 1.245".

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Thanx Spook. If you can hear me whining next week it means it did not work for me but I'll give Vit another shot. :mellow:

Underlug did you ever get that 38 long Colt working? I think Pat Hogue did the long Colt a couple of years.

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I had the same problem with my 625 :angry: but have the good ole 610 and it works great in the higher pressure .40 loads so that is what the N320 will be for...

Have been shooting 200 gr. Precision bullets on top of 4.6 grn Hodgedon Clays makes 170,000 PF and burns REALLY CLEAN :D accurate too (in my gun).

1.250 oal. (book length)

I know I already hear everyone yelling "Don't use Clays" but for the lower pressure .45 ACP It works great, I do not use it at all in the .40 though.

Hope it helps FWIW.


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