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Transitional and practice loading vest Two-Load to Quad-load.


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I have been looking for a way to practice and maybe convert to quad loading without giving up the safety of my pretty quick Two-load patented "pistol grip flip". This was my Saturday in the man cave.

I have tried it out now with just putting 2 shells on each quad (like I am used to) and it still works well doing Two-loading. The quad loading I should be able to work in this year.

The quad parts are Invictus Practical.


The belt I have been using is Chameleon Fabrics Two-Load vest.


I also tried the TACCOM Quad Loader and it also worked well on the Chameleon belt. http://www.taccom3g.com/QUALOAD_SHELL_HOLDER.html

In my opinion both the Invictus and Taccom are good quads. I think if you have large wide hands the Taccom will be smoother because of the grab distance between the shell top and bottom holds.

If you want to try this, you will have to do some man cave engineering. Probably a good 4-6 hour project. If anyone wants to try I can post some more detail pics.





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Nice work. I was thinking of modding a chameleon belt. Do you have any pics of how you mounted them?

Use the large flat screws like the belt already had. Figure and drill holes to match the shell holders. Sheet (s) of flexible plastic sheeting for reinforcement/support (if you look hard at the pic you can see I used two thin flexible sheets of plastic). Large flat washers to build the height to the original vest shell holders. Of course figuring it all out with the right screw length, spacing, etc....



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