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Rules 2005


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More to the point, was the question about IPSC or USPSA?

If IPSC, then the rules changed 11 months or so ago. If USPSA, they just actually went into effect yesterday even though the book says 2004.

And there are a lot of changes. some more intrusive and restrictive than others. Some good or at least not bad, others falt out wrong. Oh and yes, I do have an opinion.

Jim Norman

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Hmmm .....

Lynn ... the link you have posted refers to rules changes for 2004, the question was about rules changes for 2005 ? ;)

hi garfield,

well yes maybe. we (uspsa) have just adopted the 2004 rules dec. 1.

any time some posts to the BE forums i assume uspsa.

now, go play with a mouse..gun :D


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Somebody has information, on changes to the rules IPSC 2005. (commentaries or rumors) thanks

Hi Miky,

A number of proposed rule changes were discussed a few days ago by the IPSC Rules Committee in Bali, and these will be submitted to the IPSC General Assembly to be held in conjunction with WSXIV in Ecuador.

If adopted, they will come into force on 1 January 2006.

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May I have a draft of those? Pleeeaseeeeeeeee..... :D

Yes, of course. As Regional Director for IPSC Namibia, you will shortly receive two letters from me - one will list the "general" rules proposals and the other will be a "special" proposal in respect of Production Division.

POSTSCRIPT: The subject documents will also be available on the password protected Regional Director's Section of the IPSC website. If you don't already have the password, email me.

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It means that to the gunners, us it has it to inform the Regional Director.

In 01 - 01 - 2005, IPSC did not publish modifications to the rules and it did not inform new interpretations either to clarify dark points of the rules in production.

Because I see that in the Forums worldwide, it is spoken of sights, where the gunners make many changes that by rules are not allowed, but as rules allows an ample space of interpretation, nobody knows as it is limits real of allowed modifications.

some example:

in one glock can place sights heinne.

or can place mag release extend.

in a Paraordnance, can retire the grips.

in any gun, can extend the window of rear sigth or reduce it.

can file the lateral of the rear sight, to have greater vision of the card.

be single some of it ask that imagine serian save in the rglas 2005.

Vince, this not be one criticize, be clarify point that the all the forum of TP of the world discuss.

Thank you very much

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I think he's saying that it would be a service to shooters worldwide, if the proposed amendments were made publicly available, for discussion, rather than making them available only to RDs.

It appears he is worried that new interpretations may not clarify existing "dark points" (gray areas?) in the rules.

As examples he lists (with regard to production)

-- can you put heinie sights on a glock?

-- or can you put on an extended mag release?



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The commentary is correct of brushes (thanks)

I see that there are many gray points to define in production, is necessary to clarify them before beginning the 2005.

If I have a CZ, him I can place sights heinne.

thanks Vince

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Hi Miky,

Thanks to our official translator (!!) my old mate Bruce, I now understand. Most of the commonly asked questions about IPSC Production Division are answered on the IROA FAQ on the IPSC website.

As to obtaining input from people other than Regional Directors, it should be apparent from my regular posts here that I frequently seek feedback from members of the BE Forums, and I will continue to do so. However in respect of the proposed changes to IPSC Production Division, I intend to defer public discussion until after I've received feedback from RDs and gun manufacturers.

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:( me, the average shooter as well would like to know which ideas You discussed there on lovely Bali island. Officially, here or on ipsc.org, not from my RD hanging over a beer together :D . Anything else remembers me our politicians: I may pay my taxes, vote them and shut up.
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