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Refinishing S_I grips and hard chrome


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Just wondering if anyone has tried, or knows, if it's cool to apply a spray on finish like KG Gunkote or Norrell Molyresin to an S_I grip and then bake it in the oven at 300 degress for an hour. I know that the grips are molded with fibreglass so I was wondering about the heat resistance.

If this is not a plan, then how are people painting the grips and having very durable finishes which dont have to be resprayed every few months.

My other question is applying those same finishes to hardchrome (minus framerails) directly. Is the finish as good as it is on bare metal after it's done.

Season's pretty much over so now I am going to monkey with my STI Executive a little (how I do hate those gray grips + hardchrome). Thanks in advance.

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Don't put your grip in the oven at three hundred degrees unless you want a nylon omlette. The grip is not made of fiberglass. It is made of nylon resin with glass fibers as a reinforcement. Glass reinforced plastic and fiberglass are two completely different animals. The heat deflection temp of nylon is about 270F. At the very least, your grip will warp as it anneals.

There's a bunch of guys who are adept at refinishing grips. Jim Shanahan is probably the best-known. I'd talk to them about what paint to use. I think you're going to have to use some type of epoxy paint to have any hope of sticking to the grip.

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A good trick when painting a grip is to use a product called "Sand Free". It is a combination of solvents that soften the substrate for better adhesion. It is used for painting plasic or poly car parts. Spray it on and paint while it is still wet. I used it to cover a terrible paint job on a used grip I bought. Nate

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