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Dillon 650 emergency spare parts kit

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I am pretty new to reloading and so far had not have any serious problems yet, but as we all know - things do break. The worst thing I could imagine would be to have your press out of order while loading for an important match and having to wait for replacement parts. With this scenario in mind, here is my question to the reloading gurus out there: Could you recommend a list of parts for the 650 press that are known to break, or in other words an emergency spare parts kit that would likely to cover some most known problems.

If this issue had been discussed before, I'd appreciate a pointer since I haven't found it.


Vlad D

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I ordered a pair of the spare parts kits that Dillon sells, for each of my presses. As soon as I open the second bag, I order two more. Sure --- somewhere down the road, I'll have a ton of parts that never break or wear out ---- but I'd rather that than be missing a crucial piece when I want to reload.

More highly organized people might consider ordering spare parts to refill the kit, as they use them, rather than just ordering extra kits.....

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the one part that seems to ware out the most, for me, is the little square plastic washer on the powder charge assembly.


plastic square thing?

Oh, you mean one of those Dillons made beofre the turn of the century. They don't make them like that anymore......same as with Model T's from Ford are no longer made. :-)

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I burn through decap pins at a pretty good pace. Crud or smaller brass get stuck and bends them pretty easily. The spare parts kit comes with a couple extra and Dillon is great about replacing them once you run low. At least you're not out of business because of a 2 cent part.


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