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new Guga Ribas/SSI mag pouch


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I have the pouches but haven't received my CR belt yet....(I'm using the levitation at the moment).

They are well made but I haven't used them, they are very adjustable fit my wife CR belt much tighter the the CR pouches she has, the one thing I like the most is the tilt adjustment (not possible on the CR/Safariland), I have also seen/play with the holster... it does look very nice and well made all metal, gun fit very well (STI).

But being a left hand shooter...it's ca be transfer to L/H (ambi) but the adjuster is then inside bla bla...I only buy holster made by the factory for L/H...since I pay the same price as the R/H shooter so the adjuster and release ect... should be on the same convenient side.

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I have both of them. I picked them up at Nationals to play with. I haven't messed with my setup though so the holster is still on the sidlines. I have been using the mag pouch for my glock though and it does work well. The holster and pouch both seem well made and a nice step up from the early models.

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I have them. The Holster is the cat's ass. I replaced a Limcat with it. Nothing out there compares with it right now. The mag holders are good but the attachment design needs some fine tuning. If you don't really tighten them down the front one will pop loose when you go into some kneeling and squating positons on low ports. Other than that they are great.

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