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  1. Spend good money on a nice vehicle, park at the end of the lot and have some dick slide a beater right next to you.....yep there's a reason some people need to get their dumb asses shot.
  2. Chriss Grube


    Survival of the fastest?????
  3. Yep totally outrageous......until the guy with no license, insurance and is drunk hits you or your family and then it will the the typical old crap of the police should have done something to stop this! God I love my job.....People bitch when we do it and then bitch more when they think we didn't do enough. Of course all the monday morning quarterbacks know how to do it so much better too!
  4. Just get a Beta C and stop all the silly crap!
  5. The Doc can do because you are probably ill and need his help more than he needs your business, basically you are bent over the barrel. Sure go home and get sicker or die, not really a good choice and they know it.
  6. Gugas and a cr speed available and you choose a hogue.....man that has to be some sort of crime against all shooting.
  7. Yep local weather bookie said maybe a high of 80 this weekend! Of course with there record it could be 115 or snowing!
  8. Gee maybe instead of playing keyboard GM he is actually out practicing??? How many of the true top shooters have time to specd posting here???? There might be a reason they kick our butts....instead of professing to be great they go and work at it.
  9. Screw you guys it's 50 and raining in PA. Stop the girlie crying. I'd love to see some nice 90+ days. It will cool off out there when Cali falls into the ocean.
  10. How else is some washed up has been from 30 - 40 years ago going to get any press and sell tickets if they don't say something stupid to piss people off and get some press? They weren't that good in the 70's anyway..........
  11. It's a left coast thing, hug a hippie, a tree its all the same.
  12. Actually if you check the calendar it is national piss in Eric's Cheerios day.
  13. Not unless it is the hockey team playing some type of promo game!
  14. Kurt, I hurts like hell for the first 3-4 weeks then slowly improves. I had l5-s1 fused in April 2003. I was back shooting in 5 months and back to limited duty in 6, full duty in 12 months. Make sure they put you in a good physical therapy plan. Check all the doctors. I had 3 really well known ones tell me yeah we can fix it but you'll never work ion LE again. I found a good one that had a better outlook on the career front. Hsmith, Find a new doctor. You will end up with permanent nerve damage and when you finally can't walk it may not be repairable.
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