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I have the option of "My Media" when making a post, which brings up this.

Your Media Library

Media you have uploaded to the community is available here for sharing.

Content you share will be visible by all members who can view this topic.

Select a media type to choose what to share.

Where is the spot that you upload to the community?


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Yeah, I don't get it.

About 8 images just magically appeard in My Media from "My Pictures" on my computer. I have no idea how they got there. Those 8 pics are the only pics I can post.

If I dig and go into preferences or someplace like that, it acts like you can download more. But I guess I am maxed out.

Man I have no idea how this squirrelly system works. And could not find any directions either.

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Ok, click on the my media button.

When the box pops up and the green bar is lit up,

hit the "attachments" button. When the green bar

dies, hit the "finished" button and your pictures

should pop up in the box. Then click on the pic.

If no pics pop up, then in the search box, type in the file name of the pic that is in your picture folder and hit "search"

That should bring it to your box. If not,, then hit the "attachment" button and go throgh that routine again.

Good Luck

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When I try this nothing shows up in My Media Library. I have searched by file name, using the path to the My Pictures directory on my HD, using the path to Library/My Pictures & nothing shows up. I searched by extension (*.jpg, .jpg, jpg)--nothing. Really gettng frustrated over not being about to forward pictures.....

thanks in advance for any replies.

P.S. M$ Windows 7 Home, patched current.

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Guys, try this: Take the pic you want to upload, resize it to around 500kb, save it to your desktop...not a folder or anything else, save to your desktop. Type your post in, then at the bottom, see the "Attach files" box? Click Browse, browse your desktop, select the picture, and click "attach this file"...then wait a few seconds for it to attach..Then submit post!...See if that works for all having issues...


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