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  1. How does the 1911 kit work with sti/svi 40 S&W barrels? Did it have to be altered? Is there barrel clearance? Did you use coolfire's spring and guide rod in your gun? Would it be difficult to extend the co2 canister for a larger reservoir?
  2. The added height of the washer and bearing is doing more than the rollers. Jacking up the base plate is increasing the distance of the ball detent to spring detent. It is likely just as effective to using a shorter spring. The downside to using washers or bearings is that dies must be adjusted. Additionally this changes the distant of the primer system to the case. I don't have any issues with the primers flipping. I used one washer. The idea is that the snap lock-action of the ball is too fast. But if you reduce the sliding friction it should make the indexing faster. The bearing makes the indexing smoother, not because of friction or gliding but by reducing the force the spring presses the ball into back side of the shell plate. If I were to do this again I would order some extra springs and clip them down until they didn't spill a full charge. Also loading the spring detent and ball detent with heavy grease should slow the movement. I'm not sure about how it would handle de-priming dirt or powder that did find a way under the shell plate. The extra height allows for more dirt to get under the plate. On an unmodified setup, stick powder has a hard time getting under a plate. Flake powder can get under everything. I'm surprised Dillon hasn't stepped in with ideas. Considering a shape other than a simple sphere would allow for a index without jarring the plate. A slightly domed cylinder would index more slowly with nearly as good of a hold. I plan to make or find something like this. The small radius of the ball is kicking the plate sideways as the ball indexes, and then stopping it just as fast. This is why it spills. FYI I think Dillon is great. Their awesome customer service helped me get my powder system running within the resolution of my scale.
  3. I haven't shot for a year yet, but 2000 rounds a months is my target. I have calipers from other things. I have a scale, sorter and tumbler (edit and scale) included in my purchase. I haven't gotten a chrono.
  4. I have never reloaded. I only want to load .40 s&w (I shoot a little bit of 45 but less than 300 rounds a month) So I picked the 650 and associated accessories. I don't have loads worked up, yet. I ordered two books on reloading (Lyman and The ABCs Of Reloading). I like to experiment and design stuff. I'm wondering if I covered all my bases or am buying senseless items for my needs. I would like your input on my selection.. Thanks
  5. I have the option of "My Media" when making a post, which brings up this. Your Media Library Media you have uploaded to the community is available here for sharing. Content you share will be visible by all members who can view this topic. Select a media type to choose what to share. Where is the spot that you upload to the community? Thanks
  6. click on the app It says <start> on the last line. Start the timer and it will initialize with a beep (your key to start shooting). The mic records the time of the shot. You click end when finished and open the results table. The first time, 0.17s is the time to the beep. The times below that include the .17s. results look like number time spilt 1 0.17 0.00 2 1.17 1.00 3 3.00 1.83 ..... you get the idea. If you click menu you can calibrate the recording threshold as it listens for shots for 10 seconds. There are others out there with other features like memory of past runs, and randomized start times, but the idea is the same.
  7. There are too many irons in the fire. I like the advice, but I want to work on drills, transitions, speed and having fun. I'm sure stage planning is critical to having a good run, but it is secondary. Poppa bear, SS improves your planning and foresight, not ability as it is mostly skill. If thinking about stuff made you better; I'd have a chance. I only want to think of the my commands to the gun and their effects on my shots.
  8. I like the idea of something different. I think I'll go for steel challenge. Is there a no bump option?
  9. I won't have to wait as long for the magazines. I will get those pretty soon. I'd like to use the magazines in a gun that I buy and to use the belt and holster both guns. So do I buy all STI equipment or run SVI mags in STI (with some adjustments)? Or is some other option? I'd list buying a used SVI as an option, but currently they are tough to find and selling high. I doubt I can post links to external websites sales, but I found a used SVI limited with 4 mags going for 5100. Hi-Power Jack: I'm not the type to go for the easiest thing. Ekujustice: Yep, I'm a follower.
  10. I've got a svi 6" limited on order. I'd like to shoot in year that I'll be waiting. What would you recommend as the next best thing for now?
  11. My favorite followed by others that I like: Do what you love. Know your own bone; gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it, and gnaw it still. Henry David Thoreau Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed. Cavett Robert Obedience to lawful authority is the foundation of manly character. Robert E. Lee Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. Carl Sagan The only fence against the world is a thorough knowledge of it. John Locke
  12. If you can do a 2 or 3, you can hold a gun. However, holding the gun doesn't require that you have dynamic tension, right? Would isometric exercises be a better fit?
  13. fumbles


    Hello from Northwest Louisiana I'm getting into uspsa. I got to go see my first match, this weekend. I have made it through the first 50 pages of Brian's book. Lots of questions and research to do!
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