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This is NOT a for sale ad and please do not try to turn it into one. First offer at buying anything and I will ask the thread be locked.

I will not be shooting pistol much this season and have small pistol primers. All the ammo I will need for this year has been or soon will be loaded. (My Son has offered to help. I am still not running a press)

Anyone within driving distance of Cape Cod that needs Small Pistol primers, here is the deal. I will "Loan" you primers. You place an order somewhere and when they come in, you replace them to me. Easy as that. (I have some small Rifle also)

If you shoot this area, we have probably met at some point and I am glad to help. I will be at the A7 in September whether I shoot or not and you can replace the primers then. This is an honor system thing and I do not expect to have to chase anyone.

Take only what you need to get by and let's make sure everyone that is able, gets to shoot this year. Primers are Federal match which means Revolver Shooters may use them with light actions. To take advantage of this, you MUST be a USPSA, ICORE, Steel Challenge and yes, IDPA can play also :devil:

If the Moderators deem this an inappropriate use of forum space, please accept my apologies and delete the thread.

My e mail is in my profile.

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