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Magwell mod


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1. Can someone please tell what the modification to the bottom of this magwell is called?

2. What is the benefit of having it? Better grip of magazines?

3. Does anyone have any experience with them and have pics of theirs (with and without mags)?




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I agree with Steve, basically just to look different. I would just call it a bevel, but the manufacturer might have some fancy name for it. Being a retired LEO I can see where the manufacturer might claim that the bevel would help with concealed carry, but in the real world it would be negligible.

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Primarily cosmetic, but it does offer some benefit in reducing the profile slightly and softening the outer edges of the mag well. I'm not a fan of using magwells on carry guns, but if you are going to use one, this is a better arrangement than a stock S&A mag well. Forget who did this first, but I've seen a number of smiths copy it since.

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