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M2 loading procedure


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New to the Benelli M2 and for some reason the manual does not seem to stick in my brain! What load procedure do you use if you own the M2. Clicking that little silver button with the red dot on it seems a pain in the arse.

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong.


Bolt home hammer cocked. Gun on safe. Load the mag, pull the bolt back and release...no round chambered.

Do the same as above but before racking the bolt, hit the silver button with red dot then rack bolt...All good.

Am I dense, or is there a better way?

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You can also pull the trigger to release a shell. Be very careful about this as you need to KNOW your chamber is empty. Usually you will preload the shotgun and the shell release button will have already been pushed allowing you to just rack the bolt when you pick up the shotgun. Hope this helps.

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ABN-RGR speaks the truth.

Just remember that for loading your M2 will only release a shell from the magazine when 1 of 2 things happen: (1) The hammer falls or (2) you manually push that silver button with the red dot.

(Guess what happens when the hammer falls; the hammer pushes that silver button from inside the action)

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Its completely your choice, but I would stick with depressing the silver latch, both on and off the clock. It may be about 1/4 second faster to pull the trigger to get a shell released over hitting the latch, but you are intentionally pulling the trigger with no intent on firing at a target. Leave intentionally pulling the trigger without shooting a shot for dry fire practice and following RO commands at the end of a stage. I have seen a few shooters get a little confused and end up ND'ing a round when they were trying to get a round out on the carrier by pulling the trigger. They of course forgot that they were already chambered. Using the release instead of the trigger would have prevented the occurrances.

Its always good to remember that we can "get away" with something a thousand times, but when it catches up to you it will be embarrassing or worse. One " Oh s###!" will cancel out all the "atta boy's".

Just my. 02


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