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Glock 34 for limited


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So I have been running a Glock 34 (9mm) for local matches... USPSA and some steel challenge. No interest in IDPA ( dont like the rules, stages or scene in general) My goal is first and foremost to have fun, enjoy some local competition, endulge my glockitis and keep my dillion busy. My plan is to keep running the 34 for USPSA matches and the fun steel challenge matches. I understand the minor power consequence of hit factor stuff and dont really care that much because;

I hate loading mags to 10 rounds. I cant afford to go out and buy a STI edge in .40 like all the cool kids have (but am saving up) topping my mags forces me to shoot limited, fair enough, so I can mod up with a heavy bras zev magwell, steel guiderod, DP mag extensions, and a zev tech trigger (yippe!)

Here is the question.... anyone else share this logic? I run a DAA PDR holster, should i get a race holster and play the limited game 9mm style (with the price i will pay for non alphas) or will I look like a total dum-tard?

As you can see I am a new poster, so let me have it! :cheers:

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If that is what your have and want to shoot I say go for it. First mod would be new sights if you havent already done so. You can then add the magwell, mag extentions trigger etc If you shoot any 3 gun then your definately at an advantage with the 9mm over 40 with no PF. I would skip the race holster and just go kydex. Race holsters arnt cheap and that money could be spent elsewhere.

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roger that,

I already installed Sevigney competition rear with a DP fiber optic front, a gen 3 17lb recoil setup and a lightened striker spring and a gohst connector 3.5... as well as the mandatory 25 cent trigger job polish. What should i do next? (shoot more!)

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I shot limited minor at first with my G34.

I bought all the goodies, Vanek trigger, SJC magwell and Dawson base pads with plans

to swith the parts to a .40s&w Glock when I felt like it was hurting me to shoot limited minor.

Now I switched all my parts over to a G24.

So yes not a bad idea if want to set up a G34 for limited...you can always buy a .40 upper at a later time

and use your parts.


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I have not seen the proposed rule changes but the article on pg 12 of the latest Front Site I got in today says "40 cal minimum" for 2013 as one of several possible rule changes for limited. I "assume" that means 40 caliber minimum for major, but thought I'd throw it out there as it might affect your plans.

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