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  1. I chose a ZEV duty slide for my gen 5 g17. It has front and rear serrations too for around $280 Its milled low for an RMR. I have also had dovetail mounted red dots on various pistols and that works fine too.
  2. Contact ETS or magpul and see if they have any interest in making plastic mags for the 2011.
  3. Hello. It looks like there is a UPL match @ pro gun club outside of Vegas that weekend. Shoot Sat or Sun. time plus penalties. http://silverstatepractical.com/calendar/
  4. Usually after I pull the trigger once and realize the safety is still on. Just kidding, I disengage the safety when support hand meets the grip and I'm extending the gun. This could be done a bit later in my draw but i dont think it would hurt or help any time gains.
  5. My g34 load would be 135gn coated bullet with 3.7 of WST at 1.125 oal Still using the stock recoil spring assembly though
  6. Nice pistol. If I were shooting that gun I would change the front sight to a narrow blade like a .100 or .90, Add a magwell, extended mag catch drilled and tapped. Would get some 140mm mags too. Or just shoot the crap out of it the way It is.
  7. I haven't tried it yet but I ordered the Henning mount for a deltapoint pro to try on my S2. Open minor here I come, as I think it will be hard to make weight without any milling with this set up.
  8. I have a pro match 40 and no mods were needed to run STI mags (gen 1) Using grams spring and follower w/tti base pads. Getting 20 rounds
  9. My pro match works with sti mags no problem. Extractor tension was a bit too much from factory and the last round wouldn't push up under the extractor. Once I took some tension off the extractor it feeds the last round perfectly now.
  10. I just pulled a bullet and I think I'm over crimping. I had some leading alao
  11. I'm was going to post this question earlier. Hope you don't mind if I post a pic of my primers in your thread. I'm using a moly 125gr 9mm with 3.3 grains of clays out of a 5" 1911 . Are these signs of over pressure? Haven't cronoed aNY rounds but I think I'm close to max charge. 9 minor.
  12. Here is my Range Officer 9mm for single stack. Using Dawson 10rd CRP mags.
  13. Looks like their is a match in mesquite, NV On Sun. 4-17 but I don't see anything going on in Vegas as Multigun nationals is at Desert Sportsman. Check out mesquite mayhem shooters on Facebook it's like an hour away. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1642115266027599?notif_t=group_activity&notif_id=1460558162400949&ref=m_notif
  14. Ok I just post a wtb in the classifieds. Thanks
  15. Hi I have a gen 3 G35 with the SJC frame weight and was wondering what Holster to choose between the CR speed wsm or the Ghost "the one" What one is going to be the easiest to modify to work with the frame weight? Thanks
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