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Finally read the FAQs

Finally read the FAQs (3/11)

  1. I would like to see the TS2 in 40 Speed "POWER" accuracy will be changed to speed and accuracy. DVC-
  2. My mags aren't numbered either. I use a target paster on the base pad if I want to keep track of a suspect mag at a match, then set it aside for repair if a problem returns with it. Glad to hear the problem was resolved.
  3. SJC brass magwell. I'm using dawson +5 bade pads.
  4. I'm using the TTI stainless guide rod on my gen5 G17. Shooters connection had them. Came with flat wire spring.
  5. Good review and nice looking blaster. I ordered the 40 shortblock on 1-4-21 and was surprised at how fast it shipped.
  6. I think I will order it, I don't own any of the other books and have been wanting to buy at least one of them.
  7. Yes it may help. Or ever try a mr bullet feeder powder funnel to bell the brass.
  8. Since you are using the undersizing die, the i.d. of the case is being sized down .001 more than usual. The bullets you are using are coated so they vary more than jacketed and some are probably .401 dia. If you aren't belling the case mouth enough the bullet may seat crooked in the case. That's why the marks on the case with the sharpie on it are opposite of each other. I have this issue also when loading coated bullets with my 2011. I will get about 10 rejects out of 100. Now if I load Jacketed bullets or even plated, only about 3 or so fail the chamber test. All of them that fail work fine in my Glock G35 so I load at 1.135 These are some of the issues I have ran into while loading 40
  9. I have the Redeye tactical one that SJC sells. I have not shot this in a match as I've been shooting CO with a gen 5 G17. When I had the gen 1 weight I used the WSM 2 holster from CR speed. The Toni weight looks good too
  10. They have a second version out now that sits back a bit further on the frame so it fits flush with the G17 slide. It doesn't use the aluminum plate and set screws to secure it. Now it is 3 pieces. I like the new design better. He it is on my G35 w/9mm conversion barrel.
  11. I chose a ZEV duty slide for my gen 5 g17. It has front and rear serrations too for around $280 Its milled low for an RMR. I have also had dovetail mounted red dots on various pistols and that works fine too.
  12. Contact ETS or magpul and see if they have any interest in making plastic mags for the 2011.
  13. Usually after I pull the trigger once and realize the safety is still on. Just kidding, I disengage the safety when support hand meets the grip and I'm extending the gun. This could be done a bit later in my draw but i dont think it would hurt or help any time gains.
  14. I have a pro match 40 and no mods were needed to run STI mags (gen 1) Using grams spring and follower w/tti base pads. Getting 20 rounds
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