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Tests of my first load


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I have finally started reloading and got to test my first effort at 9 minor load this past week. Based on what I've read here, I decided to use 147g Berry's PRN over 3.6g of W231, mixed brass and Remington small pistol primers. The OAL was 1.130 and the crimp was 0.376. The load was hotter than I need, but I felt like things went pretty well. I loaded 30 rounds, fired 20 over the chrono and shot two five shot groups for accuracy. My average velocity for one string was 997.9 and the next was 994, for a PF over 146 out of my M&P 9 Pro. The spread and SD concern me a little. The spread for the first string was over 54, while the second was about 44. The SD for both was over 15. That might be due to the mixed brass. Accuracy was pretty good, with one 2in group at 7 yards and one that spread out to 3.6 due to shooter error! That group was 1.3 without the flyer!

So my next effort will be an identical set up over 3.3 or 3.4g of W231 and work my way down to around 900 fps. I'm going to use the same testing protocal and I'm going to use the same headstamp brass to see if that helps the SD.

Any comments or suggestions?

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The SD concern me 54, the second 44. The SD for both was over 15.

Accuracy was good, 2in group at 7 yards and one was 1.3 without the flyer!

Gone, sounds like a great approach.

I wouldn't worry about those SD's - don't sound bad at all.

I'd move the accuracy test back to 15 or 20 yards though.

If you can't get decent groups at 15 - 20 yards, I'd work with

the OAL, powder charge, different bullet, etc. :cheers:

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Thanks guys! My plan is to move the group test back once I get the PF I'm after. I just wanted to make sure there was nothing obviously crazy at the beginning. I'm testing my 3.3 grain load today and I'll post the results. I might mess with the OAL some after that. This really is just too much fun!

I really appreciate all the info that is available on this forum. It has really made this whole process much easier.

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I had a very successful test this evening. Tonight's recipe included:

147gr Berrys PRN

3.3gr W231

Federal cases

Remington SP Primers

1.130 OAL

0.376 crimp

For two strings of 10, my velocity averaged about 897, for a PF of 132. Right on! My SD went down to around 7! Unfortunately, I only had enough bullets to load 25 rounds, so I only got to shoot one group. But, that group measured 1.75in at 15 yards, with three shots in a nice clover leaf just over the bull. I'll take that! This one shows a lot of promise. My next step will be to load up 100 or so to do a few more runs off the bench and then run some freestyle drills with it and see what happens.

Why didn't y'all tell me how much fun this was?! :D

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