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Hello from S. Florida


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Mostly USPSA and eventually 3Gun once I get comfortable with matches. Just slowly getting my equipment squared away before I get started. I know I know "run what I brung" but that is not really how I like to do things.

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So far:

FN SLP 22in (still need to get an extended charging handle, a few more shell caddies ( I have one CCW 6rd that I'm not entirely pleased with), Extended Briley chokes

XDm 5.25 .40

Custom built AR from 4yrs ago that I am slowly building for 3G. Still missing a 16 or 18inch barrel with at least mid length gas system, Flat top upper receiver, optics(either glass or iron), free float tube (looking at the Nordic 12", MI 12" and Troy TRX 13")

Random stuff- deciding on a decent holster for the 5.25, I just picked up a CR Speed belt off the Classifieds yesterday. Already have a bladetech double mag pouch and two AR Mag pouches from Brownell's

I am extremely close to being done with the gear selection process. Any suggestions would be awesome.


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