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1050 purring like a kitten

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Thanks again to everyone for their advice and input on which press to get. My wallet, however, does not thank you ;)

Out of the box.. we literally had this thing humming in about half an hour tops. We were giggling like little girls as we effortlessly cranked out a few hundred 223 rounds w/o batting an eye.

A couple gotchas we ran into in case people were wondering:

The powder measure was set up with the smaller slide bar.. so it wouldn't throw enough Varget at the max setting. We had to figure out on our own how to change the slide bars, as the manual does not mention how to do it at all. Wasn't too bad.. we basically took apart the linkage.. but the point of instruction manuals is to show you how to do something properly the first time. If there's a simpler way to do it let me know.

Also, the information on Stage 3 (swage) is scattered throughout the manual.

On page 15 the Die Adjustments section begins... there is a part for station 3 that is labeled "Adjustment of the Expander Die". It says to turn the die down until it makes contact with the case. That doesn't make sense as the die itself never touches the case.. the back-up rod inside does. And for pistol, the back-up rod itself screws right into toolhead (based on my research). So I'm guessing maybe these instructions are old or something.. but Dillon should just remove it from the manual.

On page 12 it touches on swaging again.. this time focusing on the actual swage rod underneath.

Then on page 18-19 it once again talks about swage adjustment. This time it breaks it down into two configurations. These instructions make more sense.. but are kinda towards the end of the manual (like they were added in later) and directly conflict with the instructions on page 15.

For pistol, it says the screw the backup rod directly into the toolhead until it makes contact with the inside bottom of the case. It also mentions that this is for "hot loads" that have been shot a few times. I'm not sure why it mentions that, as rounds that have been shot and reloaded many times no longer need to be swaged.

For rifle, it has you screw the die in first until it touches the shellplate then back it off. Then screw the back-up rod in until it touches the inside bottom of the case. These seem more up to date.

All that info should be consolidated to one section of the manual.. and the stuff on page 15 should probably just be deleted... or just make the DVDs free and put em on youtube.

I've also included a picture of my setup. The casefeeder is cut off.. but we all know what the casefeeder looks like.

Maybe I'll make a video at some point.


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A manual should be written in at least two sections:

1) How to assemble and disassemble

2) How to trouble-shoot (with coverage of each individual section)

I found my self getting confused in the mishmash that is the 1050 manual. Don't even get me started on the powder measure manual.

Five minutes with the manual convinced me that the DVD was money well spent.

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