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  1. The RCBS has the same capacity as the FART, but it has a molded in handle that is very convenient as well as only one lid to deal with.
  2. Loading multiple calibers, it only makes sense to keep the 550. Also with the 1050 you would have to purchase a new primer system as i.45 acp uses a lg prime. The other pistol calibers you stated use small.
  3. What station are you running it in and what modifications to the press or powder measure if any. I already have 2 uniflows with linkage kits.
  4. Has anyone ever used a RCBS uniflow powder measure on the dillon super 1050. They are a great powder dispenser and work very good with most powders. I have heard of this being done, but can't find any info.
  5. Guess I will be going thru the same thing in a couple of days when my 1050 gets delivered from Brian!
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