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Recently purchased gram springs and followers for my tactical sport. they told me they were for the extended magazines, but I could just cut them down for the shorter mags. Before I cut the springs is there anything special that I would need to make sure I do. This is my first mag spring change since I've been shooting so I don't want to have problems at the next shoot.

I know this is a simple procedure but I just want make sure I do it right.

thanks guys, good shooting

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Count the coils on your factory spings and make sure you leave an equal number of coils when you trim the Grams springs. You may not have to trim them at all. In all likelihood, the fks-11s won't take up any more space than the factory follower. I don't know, though, I've never run mine with the factory bottoms.

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should be fine. my first round of replacements came from there.

when you put new springs they will be very stiff from the get-go. once they have taken a set and broken in, they work fine. initially with plus-power springs like the +10 and +15 you can introduce new (and most likely) temporary problems. these include the slide momentarily hanging while trying to strip a round from the mag, or a mag not dropping free from a round being partially dragged forward out of the magazine. remember that when the slide goes into battery with a loaded mag, the round at hte top of the mag is bumped out of the way by the slide as it strips a round and pushes it up the feed ramp into the chamber, and that amount of friction is increased.

sometimes a mag spring gets weak or can't hold the nose of the follower up, this is when the round hangs low on the feed ramp, or gets caught on the front lip of the mag lips.

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