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Bayou 160gn with N320 powder


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Right now im loading Berrys 147gn RN with 3.4gn of N320 at 1.140 oal @ 132pf.

I got some sample pack of 160 gn Bayou bullets and want to try loading them with same powder i have now.

Is it generally a safe bullet weight to load in 9mm?

In any case, looking for some loading data for Bayou 160gn and N320 powder minor load.

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I shoot 160 bayous with 2.5 - 2.6 gr of bullseye at 1.120 shoots pretty good. No primer flattening at all. I have use longshot as well with similar results. It makes a great bunny fart load to the point I had to change my recoil spring.


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bump...No one has a recipe using 320?

160gr Bayou 2.5gr N 320 or 3.0gr WSF

That said, I have tried these loads in my 1911 9MM Springfield with 8# spring, Sig 226 9MM, CZ SP01 Shadow, 9MM AR, M&P Pro 9MM, and M&P Compact.

They work great and are accurate in the Springfield and the M&P Compact. Sig needed lighter springs, M&P Pro needed lighter springs, CZ really liked them, 9MM AR functioned and was accurate to the 50 yards I tested, and forgot my Tanfoglio that hated the load.

I buy them sized .356 and have used them for about 2 years. I also had Donnie make me some uncoated while he was doing a special run and use them for steel and practice with the 1911.

Of all those guns tested, only one I still have and use are the M&P compact and the 1911. Those 2 guns really like the loads and they work well for me with my limited abilities. ;)

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