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Wife and I just moved in to our new house about 6 months ago. Now we are ready to do some serious work this coming summer, landscaping, remodeling rooms etc. Now, we were told, before we do anything, put it down in paper. Similarly, that is what I do with my shooting, if its not in paper, it never happened, it will never happen.

Soo.. I was wondering if anybody has any experience with a software that wife and I can use. Plot the house, then design the backyard, use trees, shrubs, etc.. and also, remodeling a room (maybe relocating a wall, hopefully non-weight bearing). Kinda like building a stage with props available to pull up from the database.

Thanks in advance!


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When I was working for a private firm, we were using Microsoft Visio for facilities layouts. (they also used it for drafting too :angry::sick: ) It wasn't too bad for the layouts, but not very good for true drafting and tooling design. If you have a big chunk of change to drop Autodesk (AutoCAD) and Bently (Microstation) are two good drafting/design tools, just too much for the occasional/home user.

I am sure that some others will chime in with other options.

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Check with your local landscape companies. We called and found out the bigger ones will do a landscape design for you at no cost. They actually were very extensive. They checked sun/shade etc and even recommended plants for all the various locations. We were amazed, you might be too.cheers.gif

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