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Primer tubes out of spec

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I just bought 4 Dillon primer tubes from a european supplier. 2 of the tubes flip the primers and are pretty useless. The tube that came with the machine has NEVER flipper a primer, so I knew something was off!! I measured the inside of all 5 tubes, and the 3 that work measure 0.182" and the 2 that flips the primers measure 0.200", obviously this is what is causing the primers to flip.

Will Dillon replace the 2 tubes or should I contact the eauropean supplier?!

Has anyone else had this problem??

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What are you reloading? Seems like your reloading small primers and you have 2 large pistol primer tubes.

Call the supplier ask to confirm what was sent and see if they can amend.

Good luck,


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Make sure the plastic tips are ALL the way on, often when they come from dillon there is a gap between the plastic and the tube, this can leave enough room for primers to flip. Also, when you're loading your primers, try not to flip the tube back and forth, even with the plastic tip all the way on, you can sometimes flip a primer where the tip meets the tube. I think I can get primers to flip in every tube I have if I monkey with them enough playing baton with a loaded tube.

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I measured mine:Small Primer : ~0.180"Large Primer : ~0.212"It looks like the supplier sent you the wrong tubes. Contact the supplierLater,Chuck

Thanks Chuck. Strange that they measure 0.200" when the large primer tubes are 0.212". They must be out of spec!

I wrote the supplier and he says he only stocks and sells. I've written Dillon about the issue and am sure they will send me replacements. They have always offered me the best customer service, and I am certain they will do so in this case also!

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