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STI Spartan - USPSA Setup


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Ok, I have a 9mm Spartan. Since I've been using my EMP for USPSA, this is a great opportunity for me to "build" a strict competition gun. I know, it's a Spartan...but the upgrades will be FAR better than my EMP. After all, my EMP is setup for defense purposes!

So...I'm thinking magwell, grips, grip tape, magazines, trigger.

Magwell - I'm thinking the DP ICE no gap

Grips - Thin G10 (thinking VZ), I want something super aggressive! Gunners or Diamond Backs? Also would like the mag release cut.

Grip Tape - Standard skate tape on the front strap

Magazines - I have 2 Wilson ETM (haven't tried them yet, brother said they worked fine), but I'm thinking either Tripp or DP?

Trigger - Eventually I want to try a 10-8/Joe C flat trigger

I think having this setup will make a much better competition gun, and hopefully I can start scoring points. :laugh: It's got a 9lb recoil spring and 17lb MS, 9mm, green FO front, rear adjustable. Should make an awesome gun!

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On the magwell go with the ICE, I am going to switch my Trojan to one at some point as well. ( I will be going with a Gap, too cheap to buy special basepads.)

The trigger is all personal preference I like the Harrison smooth models, but I am in no hurry to change my plastic one. I kind of want to get an SVI trigger just so I can try the inserts.

Grip Tape.. seems like a plan!

Grips.. I would shoot Larry Davidson an E-mail. I prefer his work over VZ just as his stuff seems to fit the wider frames a little better. (Baer and STI both seem to use wider than normal frames front to back.)

Mags.. still working on this as you know, but if it helps you can borrow my two ETMs that are open till I get my gun back. I am keeping the others in the bags till then, just to keep the resale if I need to switch.

Should be quite an upgrade over the EMP for sport, looking forward to meeting up at the matches!

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With any 9mm 1911, you have to watch the weight pretty closely if you want to keep it legal for Single Stack. G10 grips may be a problem--they're pretty heavy compared to most other common grip materials.

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I have my main 9mm Spartan setup with VZ gator backs with the backs hollowed out via dremel, grip tape on front strap, DP No gap Ice magwell with dawson supreme tac mags, dawson f.o. front sight, dawson IDPA posi lock mag catch, Briley aluminum FLGR, Briley solid bushing and barrel link, 17lb main spring and 10lb variable recoil spring... weighed in at 42.65 oz last major I shot.

I have another setup almost the same with VZ Alien grips. They are pretty aggressive if that's what you want. That one also has a Dawson aluminum main spring housing with it's Ice for a bit of extra wiggle room on the scale. I don't feel any difference in the way the two guns handle.

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I had Dawson Ice magwells on my 1911s and I decided I didn't like them (has mostly to do with my grip), so I switched to S&A slim, with slim VZ Operator II grips. On my 9mm Spartan I also have a Dawson FO front sight, C&S smooth trigger (medium), Ed Brown extended mag catch, Ed Brown wide extended thumb safety, barrel crowned and throated, timing adjusted, 9 lb recoil spring and 17 lb mainspring. It runs like a top and is very accurate.

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