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Laserlyte TLB-1


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Anybody using this?

Saw that the NRA named this their "Accessory of the Year" and looked it up: http://www.midwayusa.com/product/116718/laserlyte-laser-training-target-system. Seems awesome for somebody who does a lot of dry fires or simply doesn't have ready access to a range. I've known about the LaserLyte training lasers for awhile but figured they were detrimental because they would require changing focus from the front sight to the target to see the hit-- a bad habit. This device would cure that. Unless you owned several it wouldn't be good for transitions from target to target, etc., but I can see it having potential for working on general trigger control, accuracy out of a draw or off a reload, or even distance work since it's good out to 50 yards. At about $250 for the target plus the laser it's a little pricey, but could possibly pay for itself by reducing ammo at the range?

Anybody put it use? Bugs? Raves?

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Sorry about the link, and thanks for fixing it. I almost bought half the system by getting the laser that is shaped like a .45acp dud to try out in my 1911, but I read some Amazon reviews that stated the laser's POI had a tendency to change through use. So... if the POI doesn't align with the POA, then it doesn't warrant the investment, methinks. Might still be worthwhile for somebody who doesn't have range access and is living in a small enough apartment that the POI shift isn't noticeable. Sounds to me like a great idea, but needs some work.

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Unfortunately this device teaches you to visually score your target by looking to see where the laser hit ...a bad habit in our sport. A member on this forum has built a target training device which converts light to sound so that when your laser hits this target you hear a beep, thus not having to look at the target. I have one from him and they are amazing!

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