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Who to use for a carry action job on a 329 NG


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Bob Houzenga email: staysafe@q.com midwesttraininggroup.net

Awesome work, very fast turn around, and he knows all about carry guns (chief of police for years).

If it were me, I'd lose the lock on that 329. Way back when the 340s came out I got one and it locked up on the 2nd trip to the range. After taking out the lock and plugging the hole it has worked great for hundreds of rounds over the years I've had it.

There are endless debates on the internet about it - NOT STARTING ONE HERE. Just a heads up to you on it if you are not aware. Do a google search and you can read all the pros and cons ELSEWHERE of getting rid of it. The new centennials are available lock free (only the centennials however).


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I already got rid of the lock, and replaced the firing pin w. a C&S model - I had the IL on my 625 lock up on me. Nothing like having a hammer stuck partially cocked, on a loaded cylinder...

I'm mostly just looking to have the spur removed, and the action smoothed.

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