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Rock Island Armory M5 Pump Shotgun..Any Info?


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Hey all,

I ran across this pump shotgun while on the site looking at the Rock Island Armory 1911 pistols. Here it is if you want to see it:


It looks like a pretty decent shotgun that's priced low. It is a 5+1 with a 20 inch barrel. I would like to know whether anyone has any experience with these shotguns and if so, what do you think about them? One other thing I am curious about is whether you could add a mag extension to it, say a +2. In looking at closer pics on Gunbroker it looks like there isn't a retaining nut on the end of the magazine tube like on an 870 or a 590. It looks like there is just a cap type of retainer. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'd like to know what you all think.

Could an aftermarket mag extension be used on it?

How good is the shotgun and is it worth it for the money as a HD shotgun and an entry level novice shooter for someone that would like to give these 3 gun games a try?

Thanks for the help.


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I don't know anything about those guns, but I would say buy a used Remington 870, Mossberg or Winchester. They can usually be found cheap at Gun Shows, Pawn Shops etc. there are tons of parts/accessories available and they all have proven track records.

My home defense shotgun is a Police trade in 1970s Remington 870 that I bought for $100. It is mechanically sound, but doesn't have much finish left on it, or, as I like to say, it has character.


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