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  1. Hey all. I need to reduce felt recoil and have found many great reviews on the Limbsaver AirTech model. I went and looked up on the website the template for the AirTech. The Benelli models all take #10810. I get the template and try to match it. The screw holes on the inside of the stock are almost at the very end of each side. The template is not like this. I’m wondering whether or not the AirTech will work on my M1 at all. I have read a few reviews that said they couldn’t get the AirTech #10810 to fit at all. I think they were trying to fit it to the HK branded M1. Mine is a BENELLI branded shotgun. So can you all verify what AirTech pad will fit on my M1? Will this #10810 fit my Benelli M1 or am I just out of luck in finding a recoil pad that will eliminate some of the harsh felt recoil? Thank you all for any help you can give to me. Have a good week. BD
  2. Hey all. ive never shot a 1301, but have handled them a few times. It’s a nice shotgun to my eye and hands. I’d like to know how it stacks up against the Benelli M1. Assume both have the 21 inch barrel and Nordic mag tubes. Im not a 3-gun shooter but I do want to try it when my local place has matches. It would be just an informal type thing for me cause I am unable to run or move very fast. I like my Benelli M1 in 21 inch, but sometimes you just want something different. id like to know more about the 1301 and what I would notice if I shot each back to back. If you were given the choice to have either the 1301 or a new Benelli M1 both in 21 inch, which one would you pick and why? thank you for your time and any help you care to give me.
  3. Hey all. I’d like to get an idea about the Stoeger m3000 and how it compares to the Benellis and other shotguns you all see and compete with at the various gun games. Is it as reliable when you use the light target bulk pack shells from Walmart as others you’ve owned and used over the years? I know there are quite a few that are swapping to the m3000. I figure they are doing it for a good reason…the m3000 is a great option for those that can’t afford to go with the BIG BOYS that dominate the scene. Is that the case or are they just trying the Stoeger m3000 out? I assume there are aftermarket parts that make it easy to set it up for 3-gun or home defense type shooting. Is that true? Does the Stoeger m3000 handle recoil better than my Benelli m1s90 does? I ask because if I can’t get my M1 where it is comfy to shoot, I just might have to start looking at other options and the m3000 would definitely be on the list. Are there any shortcomings that the m3000 has that prevent it from being a top performer? Any info you can share about this, or other lower cost shotguns will be greatly appreciated. have a good week!
  4. Hey all. I have a Benelli M1S90 with a 21” VR barrel and a +4 Nordic tube. It’s set up like a 3-gun or LEO shotgun because I have wanted one like this for many years. it’s a great shotgun. Last time I was out I had a 100 round box of #8 dove or practice rounds that Walmart sold for $30 or so. I ran all 100 without a single hitch. The ONLY negative about my M1 is that it packs a wallop even with light loads shooting quite a bit. I’m not even gonna mention shooting 3 inch mags out of her. I am needing something to minimize the felt recoil. I’d like to get one of the Comfort-tec butt stocks but they are rather expensive as is EVERYTHING for a Benelli. My options are adding a new recoil pad. I’d much prefer to have one mounted instead of a slip-on type of pad. I don’t know enough about the different pads to make an informed decision. I figure you guys will know. What can I get or do to make shooting my awesome M1 a more enjoyable experience? Is there a recoil pad this is much better than the rest? Any info you can give me that will help will be greatly appreciated. I really don’t want to swap this shotgun for another that’s set up similar to it like the Beretta 1301, which I’ve read is good at reducing felt recoil. Thank you everyone for your time. LARRY
  5. My buddy asked me to help him find a 20 gauge and that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m not going to tell him how best to teach his wife and 12 year old daughter.
  6. Hey all. Im trying to help my friend get a 20 gauge shotgun to introduce his wife and young daughter to shooting. He wants to start by teaching them to shoot easy clay targets. He’s had problems with a Remmy 1100 LT20 that won’t feed target loads. Naturally for his wife and girl to have fun and stay interested, he needs to get a shotgun that works when you want it to with the light target loads needed for this purpose. When he first asked me i thought of the Stoeger 3020 Compact. Can you all give me your thoughts on this shotgun? Would you choose this one if you needed an affordable 20 gauge to teach your daughter with? Is there something else I should tell him about? What about the Tri-Star shotguns? Franchi? Are there any that are better choices than the Stoeger 3020? thank you for your help. BD
  7. Hey all. I have 2 questions if like to get some info on. I have a Benell I M1 Super90 with a 21" vent rub barrel and a + 4 Nordic mag extension on it. I've only out about 200 rounds thru it since turning it into a Home Defense of 3-gun type shotgun. I haven't shot more cause none of the ranges here in the Houston area will allow me to shoot it unless I shoot ONLY SLUGS. No practice ammo shooting sessions here so I'm pretty much screwed on the shooting until I find a friendly range. The only complaint I have is that the recoil can be really painful at times even with the 100 round practice ammo boxes. I have heard the Limbsaver fitted butt pads work well. Have any of you tried one of these pads? I'd like to get some recommendations on what the best solution for me to make this shotgun somewhat enjoyable to shoot would be please Lastly, I know many really like the Stoeger M3000 shotguns for 3-gun and home defense type duty. I've never handled one. How do you think they compare or match up to my M1 Super 90 as I have it now? Which would you rather have and why? Since Stoeger is owned by Benelli I am guessing it has the inertia operating system in them like the Benelli autos do. Is it the same system or are there differences? Thank you for your time and any help or advice you care to give me. Have a good weekend everyone. BD
  8. I'd like to see more PICS of the CZ's you all have set up and are using. I might like to get one for HD use. Thanks Nalajr
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