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  1. Most routers run on 12v DC, a car battery and a single router just might serve your entire range. If not just add another one as a repeater.
  2. I did DHCP reservations on my home router and mobile router so all devices were always assigned a consistent IP address. This might help you a bit.
  3. If you buy used make sure it is not associated with someone elses itunes account and registered with the "find my ipad" if it is you wont be able to set it up. We use these at work and I'm always hounding staff to remove that so it can be reissued. Stolen ipads cant be activated and Apple will not help you for obvious reasons, so be cautious when buying these "used"
  4. Yep running on an old gen1 here as well
  5. Zack Is this version 1.642 or a beta version that you are referring to?
  6. Under build stages you can add penalties with different values and names
  7. Ken Thank you for moving forward on this!
  8. Ken The only current way to get activity and results uploaded is with ezsteel, it works there are matches being uploaded every week. http://steelchallenge.com/steel-challenge-display-match-results.php
  9. For god's sake this is getting silly. It sure would be nice for USPSA & Practiscore to get on the same page. How hard can this be to get a few people to talk to each other? I have asked both sides questions about this and each of you throw your hands up?
  10. Ken The match directors in our club would revolt at having to manually produce results for any match now that we have moved to Practiscore. We are in a bind with steel challenge. I even inquired about a paper activity report to USPSA and was told that one doesn't exist.
  11. Ken thanks for the update but I did send an email a couple weeks back asking status on this. FYI USPSA staff seem unaware of this status.
  12. Neither party in this issue seems to be motivated to fix this
  13. Local match - PractiScore for the win Major match - PractiScore w/ BeachBunny or SnapScore both of which are working on score synchronization with PractiScore
  14. Thanks for that info. When it disappeared from the mantis site I thought it had been deleted.
  15. I reported similar problems with my steel challenge match on practiscore.com/bugs and the bug report disappeared with no response.
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