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Hello FNG here from southern NY


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Hello I shoot primarily in Westchester county and Rockland county. On March 11 i shot my first USPSA sanctioned club event and had a grand old time. I've shot for 3 years just plinking around at a friends backyard when we finally setup 22LR spinner targets to shoot at with our 9mm handguns. Well from a distance of about 3 yards i was hitting them pretty consistently. This gave me the courage to say hey i'm a pretty decent shot let's try competitive shooting. Well i tried it, now im hooked.


Currently i draw out of a serpa holster, but that's quickly going to change to a comptac holster.

I primarily shoot 9mm out of my Sig p226R, but i've found that i'm just as comfortable with my kimber 1911 .45.

I stumbled upon here hoping to progress and because somebody had mentioned the Surefire shottimer app on the iPhone on this forum.

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i wish i could post up some youtube videos of me shooting my first competition. Hopefully get some feedback. After obsessively watching them, i know my reloads and my double action first shot need alot of work.

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Hey Brother from another Mother,

I'm from Rockland County too. Monsey to be exact, just off Saddleriver Rd. Grew up there but now in Kalifornia. The weather here can't be beat.

I too have a Sig 226x5 L1 in 9mm. Love that weapon <3 Just got into reloading and that's how I found this site because Brian sells Dillon products and he's da man when it comes to knowing all about this equipment.

Welcome to the site :)

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