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  1. Wow, never saw or heard of that before. Thanks so much for sharing and we're all glad your ok. At all costs....It pays to be extra careful.
  2. Been shooting since I was 5 and now heading over the 50 mark. Rifle, shotgun, and pistol. Looking into 3 Gun competition and just started reloading my own ammo with my new Dillon 650. Were having fun now. Met some cool guys out at my local 3 Gun competition range. Just learning the ropes looks like it's going to be a blast Live in Southern Ca. were the weather is sweet most of the time. Looking for new shooting buddies too.
  3. Hey Brother from another Mother, I'm from Rockland County too. Monsey to be exact, just off Saddleriver Rd. Grew up there but now in Kalifornia. The weather here can't be beat. I too have a Sig 226x5 L1 in 9mm. Love that weapon <3 Just got into reloading and that's how I found this site because Brian sells Dillon products and he's da man when it comes to knowing all about this equipment. Welcome to the site
  4. I might be interested in getting my hands on one or two also. Could I get a link to one in action. Whats the cost for two to Kali 91355? Thanks
  5. Yes, just got my new 650 set up about 2 weeks now and can't say enough about the tec support from Dillon. Great guys over there, very curious and helpful. Reloaded about 2-300 rounds in 308 on my neighbors 550. Trimming cases and hand loading each case one at a time in a tray because he did not believe the press would throw accurate powder. Very time consuming to say the least. I no longer have to endure that pain of going so slow. I would only get 50 rounds done in one sitting because of all the redunant measuring and case handling over and over. I got it all put together and I had to beg him to come over and help me set up my dies because I thought it would be a walk in the park for him. You won't believe this but the first case he tried to size got stuck because he did not let the case sit out for the recommended time not knowing Dillon case lube. He freaked out and said "I can't deal with this! I'll buy you a new die" He went home and said I could borrow his case puller. This was my initiation to the reloading world Yikes! I had a hell of a time just getting the primer punch and the neck sizer out so I could drill and tap the prime pocket. this was the worst thing that could happen to a newbe reloader and a very tough learning lesson. Be sure to lube your cases but if using Dillon case lube, it needs 4-5 minutes standing time after spraying lube on. I love my 650. I bought it with 308 and 223 quick change kits and stands. The only thing is, it is very addicting. After only having it set up for 2 weeks I just ordered the 1200B case trimmer and trim dies for 308 and 223. A new tool head and stand, 9mm quick change kit, 9mm dies, case feed plate for small pistol,new depriming pin, some bins and a bunch of other stuff too. So beware. It's easy to get caught up in all the cool stuff because the fun never ends. Enjoy, it's a great new hobby for me and you will not regret buying the 650. Many smiles and God Bless
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